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November 2022 Nerd Nite

Speaker Danielle Palmateer demonstrates Dynamic Body Balancing.

August 2022 Nerd Nite

Ultimate Sports Bar & Grill team member teaches Nerd Niters to throw axes at our August Nerd Nite.

April 2022 Nerd Nite

Yo-yos and the Google Bot. We had so much fun in April hearing from BadCat Digital owner, Michelle Henderson about what kinds of things make Google “like” your website, how algorithms pick the ads you see, and how our phones are always listening to us. We also learned the history of yo-yos and got to see some amazing tricks from the talented Rick Rentz!

March 2022 Nerd Nite

March brought two speakers to Nerd Nite. Jeremy Blankenship’s presentation, Whiskey 101, was about the different types of whiskey and the fermentation, brewing, distillation, and aging process. You can learn more about Jeremy’s distillery at and if you want more of the whiskey we sampled during his presentation, you can find it here

Synesthesia: Hearing Colors & Tasting Sounds by Rebecca Woods, the Nerd Nite “big boss”, was on the neurological condition in which the senses get melded. You can see some of the resources from her talk below.

To see a simulation of Kandinsky’s experiences of his art, click here.

To find out if you might be a synesthete, you can check out the Synesthesia Battery or the Synesthesia Questionnaire. You can also read about synesthesia research at the Synesthesia Project at Boston University and the University of Sussex Synesthesia Research page.

Our mini boss, John, also announced two opportunities ways to help those in the Ukraine. Read Ministries and Kontakt Mission are both accepting donations.

February 2022 Nerd Nite

October 21st

St. Cloud Nerd Nite Kick-off Event

Thanks everyone for making our kick-off a success! What a fun bunch of people!

A special thanks to our very first EVER speaker, Sarah Clark for telling us about the Golden State Killer and to mini-boss John for stepping in at the last minute to talk about sky watching and CE5s.

Nerd Nite Kick-off attendees wear their Nerd Nite Glasses