JOHN (mini boss) is a pretty cool guy!

John is the Nerd Nite on the Rocks emcee. He grew up in Chicago around the time of the dinosaurs. John served as a Marine and is a Chicago Bears fan (we’ll forgive him for that one). He loves weird cars, woodworking, and the cosmos. The kids call him a Disney princess because he’s infinitely likeable, is always in a good mood, and is an amazing animal whisperer. He used to be in the technology field, but now he’s pursuing a career that’s a better fit with his deeply compassionate nature… working with youth.

REBECCA (The Big Boss)

Rebecca is the St. Cloud Nerd Nite organizer. She, like most nerds, loves learning about pretty much EVERYTHING! She’s an artistic scientist who was once a professor of baby-ology and now works remotely for a company that studies rare diseases. Her favorite nerd-out topics are those that pit perception against “reality” –and Star Wars. Rebecca’s kind of an introvert, so you won’t see her in front of the crowd unless it’s absolutely necessary.