Giraffe with nerd glasses looks at the camera

June Nerd Nite on the Rocks

Joan Hemker & Jacqueline Poepping

Get ready for a wild ride through the animal kingdom, where fur, feathers, and everything in-between come together in a fantastic fusion of fluff and finesse! From the sleek fur of prowling predators to the soft feathers of soaring birds, we’re exploring the diverse coverings that make each creature unique.

More on Hemker Zoo: What started as a modest dream in 1977 has expanded to offer families intimate encounters with over 75 different species from across the world. Hemker Park & Zoo’s mission is to showcase and promote animal species while fostering environmental conservation through collaborative partnerships and effective wildlife management strategies. The zoo is dedicated to conveying the marvel and significance of conservation, as well as the vital role animals play in our ecosystem. Visitors can anticipate gaining insights about our planet and enjoying the company of over 200 animals that reside at Hemker Park & Zoo.